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Choosing The Best Swimming Pool Filters For Your Pool

2016/7/21 15:27:25

Owning a personal swimming poll can provide your family with hours of fun during the winter months. Pool parties, bar-b-q’s, and long relaxing days in the pool will make for wonderful family memories. However, there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new pool. It has to be cleaned and maintained. In addition you have to buy certain products to keep it running efficiently. Swimming pool filters will be one of the main things you will buy when owning a pool. However, there are three main types of filters available today. You have to choose the one that best matches your needs.

Cartridge Swimming Pool Filters

Cartridge swimming pool filters are made from a paper type material. These filters are placed inside the housing and work to block debris from pacing back into the pool. When the filter becomes dirty it can be removed and sprayed off with a water hose for continued use. After time the filter will begin to break down and need to be replaced. However, with proper cleaning and maintenance this type of filter could last for up to five years. The cost for replacement will vary by brand and type.

Sand Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters made of sand are the most common type used today. However, they are the most inefficient at cleaning water. The water is passed through sand, which is supposed to catch any debris, before being pushed back into the pool. The biggest problem most people have with this type of filter is the seepage of sand into the pool. In most cases the filter will last up to six years, but maintenance will be required on a weekly basis in some situations. Most people consider this to be the most time consuming type of filter.

Activated Charcoal Swimming Pool Filters

Activated charcoal swimming pool filters are one of the most effective types available on the market today. These filters can eliminate massive amounts of chemicals, toxins, or bacteria from the water. One small filter can actively attract a large amount of debris. However, these are one of the most expensive types of swimming pool filters. At the Same time they do remove more debris and toxins than any other type available on the market today.

Diatomaceous Earth Swimming Pool Filters

These swimming pool filters offer a natural or green way to filter your swimming pool. The earth matter can be purchased in a powder format. It can then be added to either the filter or the swimming pool. When added directly to the pool the powder can circulate through and remove any contaminates. The filter attracts the biological matter as it passes through to remove any debris. When the filter needs to be cleaned it can be soaked in clean water or sprayed off with a high pressure hose. However, you will have to continue purchasing the powder that needs to be added to the water in the pool.

Choosing the right type of filter will need to be based on the amount of money and time you are willing to invest in the filtration process.

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