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How To Teach Private Swim Lessons

2016/7/22 18:15:17

There are specific reasons you may want to learn how to teach private swim lessons. When kids are learning how to swim, they might not want peer pressure from other kids who may be in their swim class. Or parents may want a swim instructor to concentrate only on their children during swim lessons, as opposed to a number of different kids at once. Or perhaps an adult who never learned how to swim is embarrassed and asks you to teach him/her in private swim lessons. Whatever the reason, there are a number of things you will need to teach private swim lessons.

To teach private swim lessons, you will need:

  • Swimming pool
  • Experience as a swimmer
  • Knowledge how to teach all ages
  1. Have experience as a swimmer evident for all the people who hire you to teach private swim lessons. This doesn't have to be any piece of paper or certification, though something like a lifeguard certification will certainly help. But it should at least be proof that you know how to swim and can safely and effectively teach someone who doesn't.
  2. Find a pool you can use for swim lessons. This can be a pool in a swimming club you are a member of or a private pool at your own home. The pool should have a deep end and a shallow end, so that inexperienced swimmers can feel comfortable putting their feet down when they need to and you can stand there and grab them if they begin to sink below the surface.
  3. Create a basic curriculum of what you will teach in the private swim lessons from week to week. For example, in the first lesson, new swimmers should swim with life preservers so they can feel comfortable in the water. In the next lesson they should hold onto the side without a life preserver and dunk their head below the water. In the third lesson, they should swim to you standing in the middle of the pool from the side. 


  • If you are using a pool that people pay money to use, ask the management if you can teach private swim lessons there. This may cost you more money for your membership since you are using their location to make money yourself.
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