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5 Swimming Breathing Tips

2016/7/22 18:15:21

The 5 swimming breathing tips are all pretty basic. Some of the basic tips for breathing are natural moves that your body can make during typical swimming. However, perfecting those moves will be crucial in creating ample breathing during swimming.

  1. Keep your focus on breathing out instead of in. Bilateral breathing is incredibly important during swimming. The most important part of that breathing is exhalation. When swimming and exhaling properly it becomes the foundation of inhaling while breathing.
  2. Try not to lift your head. When taking a breath during swimming, its important not to lift the head. Lifting the head creates a see-saw motion. This motion will create a drag during your swim. This motion will also become even more exhausting causing you to breath even more, and it becomes a sick cycle.
  3. Rotate your body. Rotate your body while swimming so that your head doesn't have to move too much. Rotating your body will also open up the lungs and fill them more with air. It will also help you have a smoother swim.
  4. Breathe into the pocket. While moving through the water, a "bow wave" develops. This is a natural wave the swimmers can take advantage of. The wave is low in the water and will help swimmers not to rotate their head as much.
  5. Keep your head still. When you aren't trying to get a breath during a swim, keep your head still. If you are continuously rotating your head, dizziness is bound to ensue. Keeping your head still will keep the swim stroke smooth and the breaths bilateral.
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