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5 Best Racing Swimming Goggles

2016/7/22 18:17:05

Swimming goggles come in all shapes and sizes, but if you are looking for racing goggles check out these 5 best racing swimming goggles. Goggles should fit the swimmer comfortably, but also offer them good visibility. It is also important to have a snug fit so there is no leakage to distract them and slow them down.

  1. Speedo Vanquisher. These swimming goggles are good for both competitive racing and recreational swimming. They have soft silicone around the eyes and a comfortable fit. They also come with 4 different nose pieces in difference sizes so each user can have the perfect fit. The Vanquisher does not fit around the eye, but more in the eye socket for a better fit.
  2. Swedish Goggles. Although these swimming goggles offer the swimmer a very clear view and a wide range of vision, they do not have a soft cushioning around the eye. The range of vision makes them a favorite for many racers though. They are assembled by the user and have a fit like no other goggle.
  3. Speedo Aquasocket. The Aquasocket is one of the swimming goggles with a slimmer design to minimize drag in the water.  They fit right in the eye sockets and for a snug fit, but also have soft silicone for comfort. These goggles also come with several nose pieces in different sizes.
  4. TYR Racer. Another one of the racing swimming goggles with a silicone material for comfort, the TYR Racer also fits right into the eye socket. These goggle offer the user great peripheral vision.
  5. TYR Velocity. The Velocity has an anti-fog feature and double silicone head strap. Racing swimming goggles should offer their user good peripheral vision and these don't disappoint. Whether the swimmer is in a race or training for one these are a good goggle.
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