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Swimsuits for Different Body Shapes

You don't need to resemble a runway model to slip into a sexy swimsuit. All you need to do is read this Buzzle article to understand which swimsuit appeals to your body shape.

Swimsuits for different body shapes "Some women hope that a bathing suit is going to completely eradicate a figure flaw. Unfortunately, bathing suits don't have magical powers. Instead, a more realistic goal is to find the most flattering swimsuit that will do the body the most justice."
— Bridgette RaesWouldn't it be easier to just walk in to your favorite store and find a swimsuit that enhances all your assets? But life isn't so considerate. Shopping for swimsuits can send most of us into a frenzy. What we strive for the most is to look amazing in a swimsuit that flaunts our assets and downplays the parts we're less fond of. Regardless of your body shape, you can find different types of swimming costumes to suit up for the beach.

How to Choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

The key to finding the perfect swimsuit is to look for balance. What this means is that the bottom-half and top-half of the bathing suit should balance each other out. This way, your body appears proportional, no matter what shape you have.

Swimsuits for Apple Shape
Swimsuit Options for Apple-shaped Body
Women with apple-shaped bodies should look for swimsuits with wide or halter necks as they tend to lengthen the torso. If you don't want a bold-colored suit, go for big floral prints and not horizontal stripes. The stripes will only draw unwanted attention to your waist. Apart from one-piece suits and tankinis, you can go for high-waisted bikini bottoms that shift the attention away from your waist and make your legs appear longer.

Swimsuits for Diamond Shape
Swimsuits to Wear for Diamond-shaped Body
One of the best tricks for this body type is to make it appear like an hourglass shape. Wondering how that's even possible? It's quite simple actually. The secret is to wear a one-piece suit that has a wide belt near the waist. It makes your waist appear narrower. If you want to try something a little bolder and sexier than a one-piece, go for tankinis and suits with color block options and an empire waist. Color block means that your bottom is darker than the top. Do away with tiny floral prints; you want to de-emphasize the midsection. Instead, try bolder and bigger abstract prints to make an impact.

Swimsuits for Hourglass Shape
Swimsuits for Hourglass-shaped Body
Every woman who doesn't have an hourglass figure envies those who're blessed by one. And who can blame them? With sexy curves that are just waiting to be flaunted, women with an hourglass shape can wear any kind of swimsuit and get away with it. Choose suits that'll accentuate your curves. However, I will say this―keep away from one-piece suits with prints all over them. They actually negate your curves.

Swimsuits for Inverted Triangle Shape
Swimsuit Options for Inverted Triangle-shaped Body
Often known as a cone, V-neck suits were made for women with this body shape. Even though it may be a bit too revealing, making a bold statement is exactly what you need. V-neck suits give your body an elongated look and highlight your assets. Go for strapped halter tops with underwire and wide bands, or wear a bikini with solid-colored top and bottoms that cut straight across the hips.

Swimsuits for Pear Shape
Swimsuits for Pear-shaped Body
What's your number one motive while shopping for swimsuits? Searching for one that draws attention away from the bottom half. To do so, experiment with a deep V-neck one-piece suit, sexy bandeau tankini with high-waisted bottom, and suits with bold colors and bright patterns.

Swimsuits for Rectangle Shape
Swimsuit Options for Rectangle-shaped Body
For this body shape, you don't have to choose between a one-piece, bikini, monokini, or tankini. Try them all, if you wish. But make sure you choose styles that will define your waistline, and not give you a boxy frame. Go for ruffles, ties, and bows on your suits that'll create volume and draw attention to you. Crochet details and girly, floral patterns work well too.

Now that you know what type of swimsuit complements your body shape, you won't be so stressed about shopping for one. So, this swimsuit season, whether you buy bathing suits online or at your favorite department store, you'll know exactly what to look for.

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