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How to Make Your Own Swimsuit

If you do not wish to spend much on swimsuits, or if you are not very happy about the fit of the swimsuit available in stores; this article will tell you how to make your own swimsuit at home. Keep reading.

Sometimes it gets difficult for us to zero down on a swimwear displayed at the shops. Some we like, but they do not fit right. Some fit us perfectly, but are exorbitantly priced and, even if they are fairly priced we don't like the design or color. However, it is important to be comfortable in your swimwear, as any discomfort will be apparent from the way you carry yourself and the look on your face. Well, we have an idea, how about making your own swimwear, design it the way you want and get the right fit. If you are wondering how can you go about it and whether it is a difficult task... let me assure you it is simple and in fact, super fun. You will need to work on a sewing machine to stitch the edges of the costume to give it the finesse. In case you are not well-versed with working on a sewing machine, seek help from someone who knows it. Hand stitched should be fine too, but it is not recommended. Follow the instructions below to make your own swimsuit.

Make a Custom Swimsuit

Fabric Consideration
Fabrics that usually go into the making of swimsuits are Lycra or polyester. Normally, these type of fabrics are used because they are water-proof, shrink resistant and breathable. When you start, either buy this fabric from a cloth store or use your old gym wear (usually made of Lycra). If you can't find an old gym wear look for a top of the same material. Else, nylon spandex is also perfect as a swimwear fabric.

Equipment you will Require
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Two old Lycra t-shirts
  • Sewing machine
Make your own swimsuit

Step 1
Use the measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your bust, waist and hips. Write it down on a paper or a diary, in case you forget. Now, you have to zero down to a pattern. There are several patterns like the bikini style, frock style and many more. This article teaches you, how to make a hot bikini out of an old t-shirt.

Step 2
Pin both the layers of the t-shirt together and consider it as one piece after this step. A double layer will avoid transparency. Cut the t-shirt just where the sleeve ends, so you have a rectangular shaped fabric. Now, with the help of the tailor's chalk sketch two triangles on the fabric the base of which should measure 10 inches and the other two sides 12 inches each. This measurement works correctly for a female with medium-sized breast. You can change the measurement according to your bust size; just add 2 inches more to the above sizes respectively.

Step 3
Pin the layers of the cloth in case you find it difficult to hold the two, because the next step would require you to cut them out. Once you have cut out the triangles, the next thing you have to do is cut out 8 strips of 1 inch each. You can go in for a different colored t-shirt or stick to the same t-shirt while cutting the strips.

Step 4
At the tip of the triangle place on strip of fabric in between the two layers of cloth. Fold the two sides of the triangle in, may be half an inch and sew it thoroughly. Let the bottom of triangle be as it is, we will come to it in the next step. For now, follow the same directions for the other triangle as well. Make sure the strip has infused between the two layers properly and that there is no room for it to come out.

Step 5
Now, fold the bottom of the triangles again half an inch, however this time place a long strip in between. That is, the strip will pass through the tunnels you have created in the bottom of the triangles by folding it. Sew the folded part and there you are done with your top. Let's move on to making the bottoms to complete the set of swimsuit.

Step 6
Take the second t-shirt and cut into a rectangle that measure 20x16 inches. On a paper first, draw an hour glass. The narrowest part of the glass should measure around 5 inches and the top of the glass should be 12 inches wide. Now, place this paper on the fabric and cut it along its edges. You are left with four strips, from the above step 03.

Step 7
Attach those 4 strips to the four corners of the hour glass shaped fabric. Do you get an idea what you have to do next? Huh... fold the edges of the fabric and sew in thoroughly. You can make several slits in the curved area, as it facilitates the folding in the edges. Once you are done with sewing down both sides, don them on and flaunt your body.

So, here you go, a brand new swimsuit and it ought to be more special as you have designed it yourself and stitched it too. Make sure to share the making of this swimsuit with your friends as well. Enjoy your swim!

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