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Monokini Body Type

Women having a well-toned figure can flaunt a monokini without any worries. You will come across the styles of these swimsuits that suit different types of bodies. Read ahead to know the tips.

Swimsuits or bathing suits enhance the assets and curves of your body with the scanty coverage they offer. The sexy look can be donned on by wearing a monikini, only if you have the ideal statistics though! A proportionate monokini body type is the one that, when revealed, is not unsightly. Furthermore, choosing the right type of monokini for your figure is the criterion for looking attractive.

Body Type for a Monokini

Monokini was first introduced in the year 1964 by Rudi Gernreich. The costume is a single piece, where a clubbing top is attached with the swimsuit. In short, we can say that the two pieces of bikini have been attached and altered to form a monokini. The single piece is cut out from all the four sides of the body and a single set of bikini is morphed and stitched together by fixing an extra piece of fabric at the front. If your body is curvy, then the side cuts will fit perfectly. Since the fabric lining passes from the center of your torso, it exposes your belly button and other associated parts. A well-shaped abdomen devoid of tiers keeps you looking attractive.

You will come across the versatile types of monokinis if you check out any of the fashion magazines. The large cuts flatter the waistline, as well as the abs. Girls who are into regular exercises or have been endowed with a slim built can wear this pattern. However, the pattern differs for a plump figure. Women with a little healthy stature can opt for the ones that have vest-type straps in them. These types are less revealing and you can cover your extra flab without marring the fashion. You can also choose darker shades and silk as your bathing suit fabric to look visibly slimmer. The illusionary slimming effect can also be created by opting for satin fabric and vertical stripped patterns. However, make sure they are not too shiny to make your flab prominent. Skinny-built women having the perfect body for a monokini can buy the exquisitely designed and lustrous ones with a metallic shine.

A balanced feminine figure can opt for the "Sling Shot" pattern. In this, different parts of the monokini are attached by thin straps and the fabric is draped around your crotch, which is secured by the straps. The thin strings also hold the fabric to the breasts. Sling shot patterns having a deep V neck accentuate your bust line and make you look sleeker. You can check out models sporting such look. Choosing the right design of monokini for your body is important for looking good. Block designs or horizontal stripes create an impression of being bulky, even if you are not. Therefore, women having a stout figure should avoid these patterns. You can carry yourself with this flattering swimsuit only if you have a well-toned body.

Bikini vs. Monokini

I hope you have got a fair idea about the differences between a monokini and a bikini. In layman's language, a bikini is a two-piece wear, while a monokini is a single piece. You can choose a bikini according to your cup size and bust line. Since monokini is a single piece, it comes in a particular size that has been custom-made for a specific figure. Sometimes, women with a skinny body have bulky bosoms or hips. For them, it's difficult to choose a monokini that has been customized for a slim figure. You can also wear bikinis and monokinis as wetsuits or simply as lingerie. A wide range of slimming swimsuits are available in outlets that offer contemporary designs and latest collection. These were just some of the basic differences and similarities between a bikini and a monokini.

Following the aforementioned tips will assist you in finding out the ideal cut for yourself. Keep your comfort over the trend, and wear only when you can carry it on. Check out the designs from fashion clothing outlets and pick the right one.

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