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Bathing Suit Cover-up Ideas

Bathing suit cover-ups or wraps are essential when you go swimming, as they can save you from the harsh sunburns. This article shares some ideas on this topic.

Be it a beach, swimming pool, or an in-house jacuzzi bath, keeping a sexy bathing suit cover-up handy is always a great idea. Being a fashion clothing with multipurpose usage, it has always been popular with women. If you have to make a sudden, short visit to the ice cream parlor, cafe, or a store while on the beach or a swimming pool, it becomes inconvenient to change into a casual dress again. At such times, a swimsuit cover-up or wrap can come to your rescue. They are easy to wear and easy to remove, so once you return from the ice cream parlor, you can get back into the water once again, within a few minutes. These wraps are good to adorn on sunny days so as to prevent sunburns. They are ideal when the changing rooms are not close to the beach or the swimming pool. They are also an aid for women who wish to expose less when not in the water. This way, they look glamorous without showing too much skin.

There are many options that you can choose from. Given below are some of the popular cover-ups that are sure to make you look sizzling hot.

Tunic Top: A tunic top is the most versatile piece of clothing that you can sport as a cover-up. They are available in various colors, fabrics, and a wide array of designs and patterns so that you can select the one that suits your swimwear best. You also have the choice to experiment with necklines and sleeve patterns.

Skirt: A simple, short skirt made of cotton or jersey material can be used as a bathing suit wrap. If you have a one-piece swimsuit, then it is an ideal choice for you. You can go for a simple, cotton, knee-length skirt, or you can select one with flares if you wish to have a romantic walk on the beach with your partner after swimming.

Sundress: A short sundress can also be worn as a swimsuit cover-up when you are on the beach. It gives you a casual and decent look, and is perfect for a visit to the beach with family and friends. The designs vary from halter necks to off shoulders, and from bandeau to bat sleeves. You can also go for crochet or lace dresses that make you look attractive.

Pareo Wrap: This is one of the most dynamic tools, when it comes to get the ultramodern look. Traditionally, these wraps are used, as they are extremely easy to wear. They are nothing but rectangular pieces of cloth that you have to wrap around yourself. They are also a quick fix for women looking for plus size cover-ups. You may get extra-long wraps that are easy to turn into a beach dress, providing with better coverage.

T-shirt: It is a chic and smart way of covering your body after a swim. All you have to do is pick up some extra-large T-shirts from any store, and use them as cover-ups. Due to the large size, they will easily reach your thighs, and the extra-loose fitting will make sure that your body breathes well. Similarly, you can also wear a cotton camp shirt that needs to be buttoned up. Best is to just pick up your boyfriend's shirt!

Apart from this, you can also go for caftans, shorts, or long maxi dresses that serve as great cover-ups. These will keep you safe from the sun and yet, allow you to flaunt the beach look that keeps guys lingering around you!

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