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Tankini Tops

Tankini tops are swimsuits opted by women who wish to reveal less yet look appealing. Read this Buzzle article that would help you pick the hottest one for yourself.

Tankini tops are one of the best alternatives to bikinis and are gaining popularity amongst all the fashionistas across the world. They are versatile and dynamic enough to generate interest and smart enough to hide flaws and the so-called not-so-perfect body parts. These swimsuits are essentially a combination of one piece bathing suit, a bikini, and a tank top that hides the mid rift of the body. It is a two piece attire where a top and a bottom is worn separately. A tankini is mainly worn to highlight your best features.


You have the option to choose from classic tank style, bra style, camikini style, halter styles, bandeue style, wrap tankini style, and other flattering designs. Women who wish to add some lift to their bustline can go for tankinis with underwire support that helps you achieve the perfect hourglass figure you always craved for.

Long torso tops can provide women with better and intelligent coverage for women who wish to conceal certain skin surfaces yet furnish the body with good fit and form. For wilder look you can choose the extra long version that runs over your bottom to reach just below your thighs.

Women with small busts can also go for padded and underwired tops that can supply enough support to the bustline. The tops for large busts are made with soft fabrics with attractive patterns that make the bust appear just in right size. Women who are on the plump side can go for plus size tops with shorts or flirtatious short skirts. In short, there are endless designs that can flatter almost any body type.

Factors to Consider

Body Type: You must go for a design that highlights the strengths of your body structure. For example, women with narrow shoulders should avoid halter necks as they only narrow the look even further. Instead choosing bandeau style or wrap tank style is ideal for them.

Fabric: These swimsuits are essentially made to provide women with utmost comfort and hence made in different bathing suit fabrics, from classic jersey to cotton mixed synthetic fabrics. Women on heavier side should opt for tankinis with thick materials as it can add the form and stability to their figure.

Print: Choosing a tankini having a right design and print is also very essential to get the fashionable look. Extra bold prints should be better avoided by plump women. Instead they should opt for subtle prints and soft designs. But, there is no limit when it comes colors as any women can experiment with any color to get a distinguished look.

Fitting: You must take a trial to check if the swimsuit fits you well or not. A particular tankini may look great on the mannequin but may not look as great on you so trying out it on your body is important to see how a particular top looks on you. You must also check the fitting and comfort of the bottom before buying it.

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