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Slimming Swimsuits

For selecting the right slimming swimsuits, there are certain things you need to consider. Read on to know more.

Similar to a situation when you are selecting a slim-fitting apparel like a jeans or dress, there are certain things one need to consider like color, pattern, designs, and cut of the apparel. One needs to consider all these factors too when selecting slimming style swimsuits. Comfort and fit should also be paid equal importance. A one piece swimsuit with certain patterns and designs can flatter your assets and take away the attention from those places that seem to attract unwanted stares. Here are some guidelines on selecting the perfect slimming swimsuits and some of the best swimming wear and beach wear which make you appear slim.

Selecting the Right Swimsuit
Keep these guidelines in mind when shopping for the swimsuit.
  • If you have a fuller frame and are looking for a plus size clothing then go for swimsuits which have vertical patterns. Wear something which fits well enough but doesn't show any body areas bulging at the seams.
  • Belts or tummy panels can also be used to give a slim look.
  • Black or other equally dark colors can also make a person appear slimmer.
  • If you have a large butt, then avoid buying a small-sized swimsuit; a swimsuit which covers your backside will avoid the possibility of drawing any attention. Avoid selecting a swimsuit which has bright colors.
  • If you have a large chest, then wear some accessory or a slimming swimsuit which has a bare back. Stick to light color if you don't want to emphasize.
  • For people who are short, should go for vertical striped bikinis or one piece swimsuits. Vertical designs or patterns on the swimsuit will make a person look taller and expose more of the leg area.
  • If you have large hips, then wear a swimsuit that draws attention to your chest or other curves. If you wish to highlight your chest, then go for a V neck style swimsuit. Or go for a strapless swimsuit in case you have great-looking shoulders.
  • Selecting the fabric is very important, however the first thing you need to consider when looking at different swimsuits fabric is to select the fabric which is extremely comfortable.
  • Lycra is a good swimsuit material, which stretches nicely as it has a lot of elasticity. Make sure you read the tag on the swimsuit to see how much Spandex/Lycra material it contains. The most durable ones are those which have a nylon and spandex blend.
  • You can try out different color patterns, when looking for swimwears. Select dark colors around your bottom to give the look of slimmer hips, black is an ideal color choice. Stay away from shiny, neon, or bright colors near your hip. Select a swimsuit which has a solid color and a simple pattern near the hip areas and light color on the top areas.
Best Slimming Swimsuits
Some of the best swimsuits which make you look slimmer are:
  • Suits which uplifts your breasts and bulges down the unnecessary body area.
  • Zebra patterned swimsuits.
  • Suits which have vertical lines pattern.
  • Swimsuits which have some pattern near the chest area.
  • Suits with V necks.
  • Underwire swimsuits.
Make sure you buy a swimsuit which not only makes you appear slim, but also is comfortable and doesn't slip out when you are swimming.

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