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Freestyle Stroke Swimming Mistakes – Putting on the Brakes

This article is the first one in a series about freestyle stroke mistakes. The mistake this article focuses on is called Putting

Freestyle Stroke Swimming Mistakes – Overreaching

This freestyle stroke article is part of a series that describes common swimming mistakes and how to correct them. This article

Freestyle Stroke Swimming Mistakes – Wide Arm Recovery

In the freestyle stroke, a wide arm recovery is a swimming mistake that makes your technique less effective. This article analyz

Front Crawl Technique – Head Position and Body Roll

To swim front crawl with the greatest efficiency and prevent neck injuries, you need to properly position your head and roll you

How to Swim Freestyle – Arm Technique and Movements

This article explains how to swim freestyle with correct arm stroke movements. In fact, the arm stroke accounts for as much as 9

Swimming Backstroke – Breathing Technique and Tips

Swimming backstroke poses a few challenges in terms of breathing. You have to keep your face above water to breathe and splashin

Swimming Backstroke – Arm Technique and Movements

This article explains the different phases of the backstroke arm movements in detail.Backstroke uses alternating arm movements t

Swimming Breaststroke – Arm Movements and Technique

This article explains the movements and technique of the arms while swimming breaststroke. Knowing how to properly move your arm

Breaststroke Technique: Head and Body Positions

When swimming breaststroke, it is important to properly position your head and body because it allows you to swim efficiently an

Swimming Butterfly – How to Breathe

InhalingWhile swimming butterfly, breathing is initiated by kicking a little bit harder during the second dolphin kick. This mak

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