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5 iPhone Apps for Swimmers

2016/7/21 10:46:40

Technology has done wonders to swimming, and upgrades in equipment, coaching resources and other tech-friendly innovations have made swimmers faster than ever.

Smart phones are just another way to take your swimming to the next level.

The surge in iPhones since their 2007 debut is no surprise, and similar Apple products like the iPad are following the same road to success. Different companies have used Apple's technology to their benefit, too—debuting several applications designed to make your life a little easier.

So what iPhone apps are out there specifically for swimmers? There are many. But these are a few you should consider to improve your overall swimming experience:

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Swim Coach Plus
Cricket4Evry1 Pty Ltd, $2.99

A visual tool for swim coaches, the Swim Coach Plus app allows coaches to record HD video, then provide swimmers with technique analysis of their stroke in real-time or slow motion. Those clips can be compared to reference videos in the app.

Meet Mobile
The Active Network, Free

Meet Mobile offers flexibility and convenience at swim meets, allowing coaches, swimmers and fans real-time access to important pre-heat and results information. Meet hosts need to have Meet Manager 4.0 for app users to access information in real-time.

Freestyle Swimming
Silver Hatch Sports LTD, $2.99

An app dedicated solely to the freestyle stroke, Freestyle Swimming was developed by Great Britain Olympic swimming coach Ben Titley and features technique tips performed by elite swimmers, land-based drill examples, core strength drill examples, and interviews.

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Swim Tracker
Alex Rastorgouev, $1.99

The ultimate tool for logging your swimming workouts. Swim Tracker gives you a visual aspect to your training log, allowing you to input distance, time, pace and swim type and more and view statistics of your workouts.

USA Swimming Deck Pass
USA Swimming, Free

All swimmers, from state champions to summer leaguers, can track their times at USA Swimming meets with the log book and keep track of personal goals. Deck Pass also allows USA Swimming members to look up times, check their IMX scores, interact with friends, and more.

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