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Why Technique Is Vital to Performance

Triathlon performance is in part defined by three elemental physiological features that, once trained, become an important focus of good workout pl

How to Excel at the Ironman Swim

Its 6:59 a.m. Theres music blasting, kayakers herding swimmers, and nearly 2500 Ironman athletes treading water or standing on the beach waiting anxious

How to Improve Your Breathing on the Bike

Who the hell is this guy, Ian Jackson? That was the way one of my fellow competitors characterized his intimidation before the start of the first Big Isl

3 Workouts to Improve Your Swim

Swimming is the most technically demanding of the three triathlon disciplines, and the winter months are an ideal time for athletes to improve their swim

10 Elements of a Perfect Freestyle Stroke - Part 2

Dont miss tips 1 through 5 of this article! Active swim guy Alex Kostich continues his article on the top 10 things to concentrate on (not at once!)

10 Elements of a Perfect Freestyle Stroke - Part 1

The offseason is an ideal time to work on improving swimming technique. Whether youre planning a break after a long season or preparing to ramp up your tra

Psych Yourself Up for Open Water

Its that time of year again when you transition from the comfort of heated pools to the challenges of open water. For some swimmers, this transition is ter

The Art of Graceful Swimming

Ive recently acknowledged that Im finding it far more difficult to swim fast since I began experiencing frequent bouts of rheumatoid arthritis in 2007. A

Proper Breathing for the Swim

Breath control can mean the difference between a calm, efficient swim and one in which you struggle more and more with every stroke, ultimately tiring your

4 Open Water Fears?and How to Conquer Them

When it comes to open water swimming there are two types of people: those who are uneasy or become unnerved, and those that dont. The good news is ever

30-Minute Workouts

For multi-sport athletes who try to balance family, work and triathlon training, finding time for a workout sometimes proves difficult; but fitting in ev

5 Fun Ideas for Summer Swims

With summer around the corner, its time to think about ditching the indoor pool workouts for some unconstrained aquatic fun. Here are some mostly chlorin

25 Signs Youre a Marathon Swimmer

Endurance athletes in every sport are a breed apart. They are often more cerebral than celebrated, more introverted than extroverted, more inspirational

Conquer the Open Water, Step 1: Flip Turns

Open-water swimming can be daunting for some triathletes. It is an element of the sport that can affect all levels of competitors, from those with little

Why Do I Gasp When My Face Hits Cold Water?

Q: Hi Gale, Im going to do an open water swim this weekend and the predicted water temperature is in the 50s. The last time I tried to do a training swim

Q&A With Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Soni

Born in Freehold Borough, New Jersey, Rebecca Soni (Reb), grew up on the balance beam and bars. Gymnastics, Rebs sport of choice, took a back seat when she

5 iPhone Apps for Swimmers

Technology has done wonders to swimming, and upgrades in equipment, coaching resources and other tech-friendly innovations have made swimmers faster than

The Science of Swimming: Expect the Unexpected

Although physicists continue to explore fields covering the minute to the gigantic from Newtonian mechanics to quantum mechanics, the rules of physics are

Olympic Swimmer Haley Anderson Talks Open Water

I hate walls. I hate turns, says northern California native Haley Anderson. An unusual statement to say the least from the reigning NCAA champion in the

Triathlon Swim: How to Stay on Course

The trick to swimming straight—both in open water and in pools with lane lines—is breathing. Here are six tips to help you stay on course dur

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