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Peyton Manning had one of the most notable performance bonuses during the salary cap era last season. The future first ballot Hall of Famer took a $4 million pay cut to remain with the Broncos in what turned out to be his NFL swan song.Authentic Jerseys Sale. Manning earned the money back in the playoffs. He made $2 million when the Broncos got to the Super Bowl because he played at least 70 percent of the offensive plays in the AFC Championship Game.Replica Football Jerseys.Manning got the other $2 million for winning Super Bowl 50 after hitting that same playing time threshold.Performance bonus can be divided into two basic categories: incentives and salary escalators. Both types of bonuses can be used to bridge the financial gap when there is a disagreement in a negotiation between a player’s agent and the team on the player’s value.Replica Jerseys China. Incentives are also a way for a player taking a pay cut to make back some or all of the money he is losing through the salary reduction, like Manning did last year.


Ware is taking advantage of the increased workload created by Jamaal Charles’ knee problems. He has a career high 734 rushing yards this season.NFL Jerseys China.With 116 more yards on the ground he will increase his 2017 base salary, which is $700,000, by $300,000. Hitting 1,000 rushing yards, also is within reach, makes the increase $600,000. The increase would be $900,000 by rushing for at least 1,200 yards.The Chiefs making the playoffs also has significance for Ware.NFL Jerseys Wholesale Sale.This escalation doubles with a postseason appearance. His 2017 salary can increase by an additional $150,000 or $200,000 respectively with eight or 10 rushing touchdowns.NFL Jerseys Cheap.Ware would need a flurry of scores in the last four games since he only has three rushing touchdowns this season.


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