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In the past 48 hours, the Pittsburgh Steelers have made their running back and wide receiver the highest-paid NFL players at their respective positions.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Who else can boast the same? We looked at every position in the league — from quarterback to punter — to find out the best-paid at each. The rankings are based on average salary of players in 2017.(All numbers via Sportrac.) There are a dozen ways to evaluate player contracts and no NFL salary metric is perfect. Base salary is an accounting trick. For instance, Drew Brees was the highest-paid player in football in 2017 yet had a base salary of $1 million, less than Panthers backup Derek Anderson.If we were going by how much cash a player will be paid in 2017, Tyrod Taylor would be the top-paid player in football because his $15.5 million signing bonus is due this year. Guaranteed and practical guaranteed salaries are teling, too, but don’t share the whole story.Jerseys For Sale.Average salary has its problems (Eric Berry signed a six-year, $78 million extension on Tuesday, and it’ll be surprising if he hits either benchmark without a restructuring), but it’s still probably the best indicator of who’s getting how much.

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The Panthers already use a lot of option principles, of course. They just aren’t getting enough bang for their buck. Or too much bang for their buck, if by “bang” we mean “hits on Cam Newton.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.”Newton rushed 73 times on designed running plays last season, according to the Football Outsiders database. He gained 308 yards and scored five touchdowns on those runs, the touchdowns all coming on goal-line plays. That’s a lot of rushing, and frankly, 4.2 yards per carry are not really worth the additional hits it meant for Newton.Part of the problem was many of those designed runs were not options. A few were sneaks for short yardage. Many were quarterback draws or inside power runs, with no option for a handoff or pitch.Cheap China Jerseys.Franchise quarterbacks shouldn’t be hammering the football up the gut twice per game, but excluding sneaks and scrambles, Newton ran between the guards 32 times last season.

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