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Jerseys Discount Sale.It also means that the NFL is ditching three fan bases that have supported their favorite teams for decades. Fans in San Diego are losing the Chargers despite cheering them on for 56 seasons. Fans in St. Louis lost the Rams, even though the city had a stadium deal on the table.There’s also the Raiders fans in Oakland, who will likely be losing their team (again) even though they’re one of the most passionate fan bases in all of sports.Cheap NFL Jerseys.Basically, the only people that lose when a team relocates are the fans that get left behind. Rams punter Johnny Hekker seems to understand that, and that’s why he has one questions for the NFL: Why not add more teams?Hekker sent that tweet on Thursday after the Raiders officially announced that they had filed their relocation papers for Las Vegas.Although expanding would seem to make the most sense, don’t look for it to happen, and that’s because most owners only seem to care about money, and expansion means less money per owner.The two teams have a history. After the 2010 season, the sixth-seeded Packers knocked off the Philadelphia Eagles in the wild-card round, then clashed against the top-seeded Falcons. The Packers thrashed them, 48-21. Their run continued all the way through the Super Bowl.Just earlier this season, the two teams met in Atlanta for what ended up being a nail-biter. The Falcons won, 33-32, when Ryan connected with Mohamed Sanu for a touchdown with 31 seconds remaining. Football Jerseys Cheap.

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