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The leading vote-getters there, Reid and Belichick, both make for interesting cases. Reid won his only Coach of the Year award in 2002, yet this is his eighth double-digit win season since. Belichick has three wins, last in 2010—he is 61–19 in the five seasons following that.Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale.Especially in Belichick’s case, have voters simply taken success for granted? To think that Belichick has gone five straight seasons without being named Coach of the Year, despite winning at least a dozen games in all of those seasons certainly suggests so. Meanwhile, Reid now is 42–21 during his Kansas City tenure.Coach of the Year, fairly or not, does tend to swing away from those with proven track records to coaches whose teams surprise. Cheap NFL Jerseys Sale.Hence, Ron Rivera’s 2013 and ’15 titles and Bruce Arians’s in 2014 (with Arizona) and ’12 (as the interim in Indianapolis). That’s why Del Rio, Garrett and Gase—all playoff-bound—are generally believed to be the front-runners right now.It’s also why Quinn, whose Falcons already have wrapped up the NFC South, and McAdoo, whose Giants will finish as a 10- or 11-win team, could sneak into the mix. Discount NFL Jerseys Authentic.(McAdoo’s odds are much longer, given Garrett’s work within the same division.)Will anything that happens in Week 17 swing the voting? It could, if Del Rio misses out on the AFC West title at the last moment without his starting QB.

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