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Still, seeing so many unusual lines got me and my fellow ESPN Chalk writer Rufus Peabody curious. We decided to look back through the 2016 schedule for lines that make us wonder, “What were the oddsmakers thinking?” We weren’t looking for games where it was pick ’em and a team won by 20; rather, we were looking more for games where the lines seem “off” compared to what we would make them now.Authentic Jerseys Sale .Here is a list of those “interesting” games, along with a few comments on how the involved teams have fared this season as well as the lines that I would make for those games with the benefit of hindsight, using the NFL Vegas Rankings. Rufus will do the same with the Massey-Peabody ratings.NFL Jerseys Cheap China.While this article might appear to some to have a silly premise, there’s a serious underlying lesson to be learned from such a look back. During the course of any season (in any sport), there are times when oddsmakers are slow to adjust to how good (or bad) certain teams are. If you can identify those teams before the rest of the market, there are strong betting opportunities to be found.As I so often say, the business of the NFL isn’t football.Jerseys Wholesale Sale Online.The games, which all occur in less than half the year, are the storefronts for a year-round enterprise that is now throwing off more than $12 billion in annual revenue. With that in mind, let’s look beyond the games at the top 13 NFL business stories of 2016.

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The NFL season wraps up neatly on Sunday, with every Week 17 contest taking place on Sunday. While there are a still a few playoff spots and seeds to be decided, a number of games will have no impact on the upcoming postseason.NFL Jerseys Wholesale Sale .That doesn’t mean these games have to be completely irrelevant, as the Vegas bookmakers have still set lines for every matchup. Week 17 can get a lot more exciting when you make some plays against the spread.It’s important to take extreme caution when trying to pick winners in the regular season finale, as there are a handful of factors in play that don’t normally arise during the bulk of the campaign. Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys.There will be situations where coaches opt to rest players and see what they have in their backups, and scenarios where coaches should do that, but instead opt to play their starters in an attempt to boost job security heading into the offseason.Each week, we give you the consensus picks of the pro handicappers and the wannabe pros. For the amateurs, we’ve whittled down the more than 440 players from our 2016 Pix Populi football picks game to the top 32. They are embroiled in a double-elimination, head-to-head picking contest through the Super Bowl and have survived the first week.NFL Jerseys Sale Online.We’re comparing the cream of the crop of the amateurs against the Sin City pros each week to see if the forecasters that get paid to pick are truly that much better than the armchair quarterbacks.

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