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Having The Right Tire Pressure Is Very Important In Mountain Bikes

2016/7/25 11:42:50

Having the right tire pressure in your mountain bike is very important . If you learn how to set the right pressure, you will make riding the bike easier and more fun. If the pressure is too low it will be much harder to cycle and you can suffer from a flat tire. If the pressure is too high then you will have a very bumby ride.

Different people will have different amounts of tire pressure in their tires. It will also wary by the tire's condition and what kind of terrain you are riding on. You should use a high quality pump to easily chance your tire pressure. Make sure that you have a tire pressure gauge so that you can keep your tires at the optimal pressure.

You should check what the manufacturer has recommended for the tire pressures and start there. Then just adjust the pressure from there if needed. You should use the same pump and gauge when you check your pressure because different pumps and gauges can show you different readings.

As a rule you should start with a higher tire pressure. You should start with a pressure of around 40-50 psi and then lower the pressure until you find the right pressure for your bike and terrain. If you are a little heavier then you should use a little bit higher pressure.

Taking a test bike ride is the best way to check the tire pressure. You will want to notice how the tire behaves, how it rides on the terrain, how it slides down the mountain, and how it hooks in the corners. If you have too much tire pressure, then drop it in increments of 5 psi in both tires. If the bike gains grip and is more stable at this tire pressure, then you will want to keep it at this standard pressure. If not, then you will continue dropping the tire pressure in small increments and redoing the test until your bike rides the way you want and need it to.
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