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Bicycle Saddle Bags - What Type Do I Need?

2016/7/25 11:43:54

You're ready to go on a nice bicycle tour but you dont know what type of bicycle saddle bags will best fit your gear and equipment. In order to find the right bicycle saddle bags, you need to answer a few questions. Are you going on a long trip over several days or just a short ride over a day or two? Most importantly, how much weight will you carry on your bike?

For day trips or shorter distance rides all you need will be smaller bags that don't require over the wheel racks to mount them. Behind the seat bags, handlebar bags, and top tube bags conveniently attach right on your bike seat, handlebar, or frame.

I would suggest you first look at a behind the seat bag. This bag is the simplest to attach and typically causes low wind resistance. These bags fit conveniently right under and behind your bike seat. Typically their big enough to fit your bike tools, tube, tire, and maybe even your lunch!

Getting a handlebar bag is also a great bicycle saddle bag choice. These bags mount in seconds and are the most convenient to access. Just make sure you keep your loads to a minimum on those handlebars. Too much weight will make steering your bike difficult and create balance problems.

A great choice for small loads is a good under the top tube bag. This bag is very aerodynamic and light in weight. You'll have just enough room to hold your essentials such as; cell phone, wallet, some bike tools, and maybe a bag of peanuts. Keep loads to a minimum to prevent the bag from impeding your pedaling.

If you are going to take a long tour across long distances then you will have sleeping gear, food, extra liquid and more weight in general. Trying to stuff your handlebar bag too full will cause you to lose balance, not be able to turn quickly in an emergency, and crash. Instead, get some bicycle saddle bags or panniers will suit your needs perfectly.

That's where panniers or bicycle saddle bags that hang off of front and rear racks over the front and rear wheels. These bags will allow you to carry much more weight safely. So finding the best bicycle saddle bags is about deciding on how much weight you need to carry and for how long.
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