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Selecting The Perfect Tires For Your Mountain Bike

2016/7/25 11:43:55

If you want your mountain bike to perform to its fullest potential, then getting the right type of tires is a must. The type of tires you might need depends heavily on how you are going to use your mountain bike. Having the right kind of tires in place not only betters the performance of your bike, your safety is also increased as well.

Selecting the perfect tires also means to knowing the type of terrains your bike will mostly face. Tires that are designed for mountain trails and off-road routes differ greatly from tires designed for city streets and concrete roads. Performance and terrain should mesh well when you pick your tires.

Basically there are two types of tires in terms of internal structure. The first one is the standard inflatable tire that comes with an inner tube. The other one is the tubeless variant. Which one do you go for is a question you must also consider when picking tires for your mountain bike.

The tubeless tires are very popular among professional mountain bikers and cyclists. Brands such as Michelin and Mavic's UST are very common among bikers as they can bear the punishment of rugged terrains and rocky trails. Undeniably, tubeless tires are ideal for the downhill slide.

While a lot of benefits can be said about tubeless tires, they do have flaws. One is that they are way expensive. And two, they are a bit heavy, which makes them a liability for events that require speed and fast riding times.

In contrast, the standard inflatable tires do not offer the same resistance to rugged terrains. But they also have a lot to offer to the common mountain biker. Standard tires are very flexible. Aside from that, standard tires come in a lot of treads and designs. They are way lighter than tubeless tires too.

All that said, standard inflatable tires also have their disadvantages. Vulnerability to punctures, the need for an air pump, and maintenance costs are just some of the disadvantages of the standard tires. When picking your tires, weigh the pros and cons and pick one that fits your style and your budget the best.
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