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Find Your Ride to Fitness

2016/7/25 11:44:48

Looking for an exercise plan that is easy to maintain, will keep you in shape and can be fun for the whole family? If so, you should check out the benefits of bike riding. Getting in a good bike ride as a family can do wonders for your fitness level and emotional state. Get started with these tips below.

1.Talk to your doctor. Depending on your weight, age and medical history you may be able to start riding 4-6 days per week. Typically, 30 - 60 minutes per ride will yield a good workout.

2. Make sure your bike is ready to workout as well. Have it inspected by a trained technician or mechanic. Having a bike accident or riding a difficult bike will turn you off quickly. A trained tech can make sure you have proper tire pressure, the chain is greased and the bike is ready for a good workout.

3. Adults should stretch everyday, especially adults who maintain a proper fitness routine. Stretching works wonders to prevent injuries and repair muscles after tough workouts. If you are new to cycling you will use some muscles you haven't used in a while. Stretching is essential to not pulling a muscle.

4. You must warm up your body before any workout. Your muscles, heart, and lungs need to get an idea of what is about to come next. Without proper warm up the body isn't ready to workout and will feel a lot of pain after the workout. A light ride or jog for five minutes should be enough to do the job.

5. You also need to cool down your body after a good workout. Suddenly stopping a workout can lead to stress on your body. You should slowly decrease your exercise over a period of time like 10 minutes. Properly cooling down after a bike ride will make sure your body is ready for the next ride. And continuing your exercise routine is essential to accomplishing your fitness goals.

Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise plan. Your doctor can help you develop a plan that will enable you to reach your fitness goals by pacing yourself and staying committed. Continuing your routine and keeping your body ready are mandatory to reaching your fitness goals. Bike riding can be a great way to get exercise without going overboard so you can continue exercising as long as you like.
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