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Shoes For All Cycling Occasions

2016/7/25 11:45:27

Cycling is undeniably a fun. It gets you out in the fresh air, lets you see the countryside up close, and exposes you to nature. Best of all, you do not need any fancy equipment. Unless you are a professional cyclist, you just require a bike and the open road. There are bicycling clothes you can wear to reduce wind resistance or increase speed, but they are not a requirement. You might want to pay attention to your cycling shoes, however, for safety's sake. Pleasure riders do not require special cycling shoes, but there are certain things that could make a normal pair of sneakers hazardous for riding. Knowing what makes an acceptable cycling shoe could actually avert an accident.

For every day biking, any good athletic shoe will do. Cycling shoes should have a stiff sole, but more vital is the tread. The better the grip your foot has on the pedal, the less likely it to slip off and cause a crash. If you are wearing slick-soled, worn out sneakers, you should search for a new pair of cycling shoes.

When considering which cycling shoes to buy, keep in mind there are a myriad of styles and manufacturers to consider. Many professional road cyclists prefer cycling shoes equipped with clips. These clipped shoes attach snugly to the pedals and provide excellent grip, great power transfer, and improved safety. Some of the best professionals swear by shoes with clips or Velcro closures.

For mountain bikers, cycling shoes with clips on them are actually quite hazardous. Mountain bikers must be able to dismount from their bike quickly to avoid boulders or the hazards of rough ground. Being clipped to your bike would be a recipe for disaster! The most important thing mountain bikers look for in their cycling shoes is sturdiness. Some even forego athletic shoes altogether in place of hiking boots.

The bottom line is, you do not have to obsess about cycling shoes. Examine your soles, grab your helmet, and get out there and ride!
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