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Ready Set Go; Get Dirty At A Mountain Bike Race In Virginia

2016/7/25 12:03:09

Cyclists can find many opportunities to mountain bike race in Virginia. Whether beginner or advanced, someone that enjoys competing can find a cycling event at one of the many parks or private venues. Competitions take place on various trail types from double-track to single track trails with difficulties from easy to very advanced and can be found in almost any month of the year.

If the single track and double track riding is your passion then you will surely be pleased with the vast selection of opportunities to mountain bike race in Virginia. Events take place at all times of the year in all kinds of riding environments.

In the spring summer and fall month’s racers strike out across the state to enjoy long standing events like the RiverRock Festival, Middle Mountain Momma, or the Shenandoah Mountain 100. Middle Mountain Momma offers a variety of race lengths and classes in the Shenandoah Valley region of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Shenandoah 100 is an epic, highly coveted accomplishment in the rugged terrain of Blue Ridge Mountains offers only 1 race distance, 100 miles. Finishing this challenge before the time cut off earns serious street credit for any mountain biker.

During the winter months riders enjoy a plethora of Cyclo-cross races including local week-day events and weekend race series. Cyclo-cross offers fun challenges and obstacles that often have riders hopping on and off the bike. Participants generally use cyclocross specific bikes or mountain bikes for the events. Both road racers and mountain bike racers come together over this challenging, fun sport.

There are a whole host of other activities in the mountain biking communities in Virginia. When racers take time off you might find them taking part in trail building and trail maintenance, or attending fun events like Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.

Several groups and individuals organize events giving you frequent chances to mountain bike race in Virginia. Some events are part of race series that award points for placing well. Races can be found for beginners to expert riders and everything in between.

From the mountains to the eastern region, the state has many cycling trails for racing, creating a great playground for event organizers and participants. Trails are located in parks and on private preserves. The technical difficulty varies from region to region and trail to trail.

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