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Not Your Ordinary Sport: Pro Cycling Equipment

2016/7/25 14:50:47

When playing any sport, one of the key elements to being successful is having the right equipment. For example, in the game of ice hockey, the player needs to have the proper padding. That padding usually covers the shins, elbows, shoulders, hips, hands, etc. In addition, it is important to have the right type of skates and use of the right hockey stick.

Another sport, where it is important to have the right tools is the world of pro cycling. Therefore, when considering pro cycling equipment it is important to consider the actual components of the bicycle and the apparel.

The Components Of Pro Cycling Equipment

When it comes to participating in pro cycling it is important that the proper pro cycling equipment is utilized. Generally, this pro cycling equipment consists of a very expensive bicycle.

The reason why the bicycle is so expensive is that first of all it is made from materials that are conducive to strength and yet lightweight to help deliver the speed necessary to be competitive. In addition, the bicycle is generally equipped with a gear shift system. The sophisticated gear system allows the bicyclist to easily shift gears so that all types of terrain can be easily navigated. Specifically, the gear shift system helps the bicycle to be easily pedaled when the race course becomes hilly or mountainous and greater pedal resistance on a level plane.

In addition, another important component to the bicycle is the wheels that are selected. Generally, for the serious bicyclist, there is not only a set of aluminum wheels that are purchased for the pro cycling race, but a set of wheels that are less expensive and used as part of the training regimen. Additionally, these wheels have less spokes than the traditional bicycle and are dynamically designed to maximize speed and decrease wind resistance. Additionally, some of the wheels that are used do not use spokes at all, but lightweight and broader connections from the rim to the wheel’s axle.

Apparel Accessories

Another important part of the pro cycling equipment that the individual bicyclist utilizes is the accessories that are worn. Specifically those accessories include an aerodynamic helmet which helps to minimize wind resistance as well as protect the bicyclist’s head from potential accidents.

In addition, the clothes that are worn by the bicyclists are also an important component of the pro cycling equipment. Therefore, the outerwear is made of lightweight fabric and is also aerodynamically designed. Generally, it is one piece and also contains padding in the seat area to help with the comfort level of the long hours spent on a bicycle seat.

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