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Enjoy Mountain Biking Slovenia

2016/7/25 14:51:19

It may surprise you to consider mountain biking in Slovenia but it is truly a wonderful experience that you should consider. There is even a mountain biking park in Slovenia to accommodate enthusiasts of this sport. Besides the mountain biking park there are also many other mountain biking trails that vary in difficulty. One of the main attractions of mountain biking in Slovenia is the possibility of cycling routes that wind through wilderness without the danger of coming across cars and other vehicles hazardous to cyclists. This is the perfect holiday for the cyclist who wants to be as close to nature as possible while still being close to civilization.

Everything a Cyclist Needs

The mountain biking park is located in Crna na Koroskem and was established in 1995. The park connects seven valleys underneath the beautiful Savinja Alps and the Karavanke Mountain. The park offers you the best of mountain biking in Slovenia alongside all the necessities such as hotel accommodation, bike rental and repair, and a mini bus to transfer you from one area to another. There is even a sauna when you need to relax those sore muscles after a long day on the trails.

Unique Bike Trails

Mountain biking in Slovenia will offer you an experience like no other, you can cycle underground! That’s right, instead of going over the mountains you can go under them. Some disused mines have been converted into bike trails and with a guide and a lamp you can cycle safely for almost 5 kilometers underground. These bike trails will take you from one valley to another and provide you with an amazing cycling adventure that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world.

There is also another cycling experience unique to mountain biking in Slovenia that is the Trace of Wilderness trail. This trail offers you more than a thousand kilometers of forest paths and cart tracks to explore. These trails will take you from one valley to another or lead you up to the mountains. You have the option of cycling independently or joining a guided tour that will provide you with daily rations and an experienced guide.

There are also other activities that can be arranged for you if just mountain biking is not enough. You can have the option of organizing a group with friends and family just for you. You can also arrange to go further from the park and see place of interest via a mountain biking tour of Slovenia. The choice is yours.

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