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How To 180 On A BMX Bike

2016/7/25 16:07:25

Taking your BMX out and learning how to pull off a 180 on a BMX bike is an amazing time. Doing a 180 on a BMX takes skill and daring. Not everyone can pull this trick off. The danger of the trick is enough to turn the casual BMX rider off. Performing a 180 on a BMX though will attract those ready to take their BMX to the air. Sure, there are other avenues for a 180 on a BMX but gaining air to do it is the best way to perform this trick. This article explains how you can learn to do a 180 on a BMX in no time. 

Things you will need for this trick are:

  • BMX bike
  • BMX gear
  • Ramp
  • Skill


  1. Give your bike the once over. Make sure everything is secure and properly fitted. Then check your gear, make sure it's in good condition with the proper fit. Take a few practice runs up the ramp to get a good feel for the run and space.
  2. Approach the ramp with moderate speed. Once you reach the end of the ramp pull back on the handlebars. Keep your feet on the peddles and twist your hips slightly.
  3. Use your legs to stop your momentum if it appears you will over shoot the 180. Making your legs tense will slow the movement of the BMX. When you land you will do so in a fakie position. You can roll back or hit your rear brakes and spin your bike forward.
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