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Top Ten Things To Know About An Electric Bike Motor Kit

Top Ten Things To Know About An Electric Bike Motor Kit

Did you know that you can convert your regular old bicycle over to an electrical powered bike with a simple kit. And then you can pedal if you want to or switch to electric going up those steep hills.

Top Ten Things To Know About an Electric Bike Motor kit.

1. You can use the electric power going to work and pedal home for exercise.

2. You can put an electric motor on your regular bike with an electric motor bicycle kit that has everything in a box.

3. You can DIY or have a bicycle mechanic do it. It takes about an hour to install it.

4. You can pedal till you're pooped, then switch to electric.

5. It is much, much less expensive than buying an electric bicycle and no gas stations stops.

6. Never worry about parking space again.

7. Pull a baby stroller or wagon behind your bike with the motor bicycle kit.

8. Go up to 20 miles on one charge.

9. Travel about 15 MPH: some go 30 MPH.

10. It's fun to watch the other cyclist's faces when you breeze by them.

Having an electric motor on your bike is a great way to get people out of the house that wouldn't ordinarily engage in outdoor activities. There is no learning curve because you either switch on the electric motor yourself or install one that comes on automatically when it senses the rider is pedaling harder than normal. And the brakes on electric motorized bicycles work the same as on a regular bike.

People are beginning to realize the value of having an alternative to gas guzzling transportation. Three hundred thousand Americans purchased electric bikes in the US in 2012. Many Americans saved money by buying electric motor bicycle kits. Purchasing an electric bicycle can cost from $2500 to $7000. Wow! My first car cost $1000.

Motor kits come with either SLA (sealed lead-acid) batteries which go about 5 miles on a charge or Lithium-Ion batteries, which go about 20 miles on a charge. This is typically at speeds of about 15 mph, although, some will go 30 MPH. It takes 4-8 hours to charge the battery, depending on the battery you choose. It takes very little electricity to charge the battery on these kits. Approximately equivalent to 10 cents per gallon of gas.

I hope the day comes when most Americans ride electric motorized bicycles to work. What a great way to save the planet and have a healthier America!

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