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3 Most Effective Cycling Performance Tips � Training, Nutrition, Recovery

This article highlights 3 most effective cycling performance tips (proper training, proper nutrition and proper recovery) that can help you in becoming successful cyclist.
Proper Training
Proper training is the first step towards improving your cycling performance. Without proper training, you can’t improve your cycling performance. Although you can take help from many books, articles and magazines written on effective cycling performance tips according to your experience levels and goals, the best way to have proper cycling training is through F.I.T.T. models, which stands for � Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.
�Frequency � the number of times you cycle every week. First of all, you must decide on the how often you wish to ride depending on the factors such as time you can afford to ride in addition to your cycling goals.
�Intensity - how hard you ride during a particular cycling session.
�Time - the length of the cycling session such as 1 hour or 5 kilometers.
�Type � refers to the type of workout you do such as cycling, hill training.
By and large, there is an inverse relationship between intensity and time which means the harder you work in a specific cycling session, the less the duration of the session and vice versa. For improved cycling performance from through F.I.T.T based cycle training model, make sure you maintain a perfect balance between intensity. Also, take decisions about how to make the most of every component of F.I.T.T based cycle training model as a cyclist.
Proper Nutrition
For maximum cycling performance, you need to strictly follow effective nutritional practices. Proper nutrition provides at least three great advantages. The first advantage of proper nutrition is that it will enhance your cycling performance by giving you the energy that you require to complete your cycle training sessions and events like cycle races and tours. The second advantage of proper nutrition is that it will help in your recovery process. The difference between feeling energetic and active during a cycling training session and feeling dull and tired may come down to proper nutritional practices. Third and the biggest advantage of proper nutrition is that it will help you to stay and fit and live a healthy life beyond cycling.
Proper Recovery
Proper recovery is one of the most significant yet the most overlooked cycling performance tips. In simple words, you can improve your cycling performance only through proper training and nutrition. You improve because you take proper rest after every hard cycle training session. It is worth mentioning that the physiological adaption process that leads to improved cycling performance occurs when you take proper rest, not during the training. This happens due to your body’s basic need of keeping an internal equilibrium which is also known as homeostasis. For example, after a tough cycling session, you may feel very tied and dull because your body is not accustomed to the physical stress that it went through during tough cycle training session. When you go for proper recovery and take proper rest, your body undergoes physiological adaptations that make it stronger. That’s why when you cycle hard the next time; you feel must easier due to the adaptations. So make sure you have proper recovery after each cycle training session. This will prevent you from cycling in excess and becoming too tired and dull for the next cycling session. So, after every tough cycle training session, make sure you take proper rest so that your body and recover and get stronger for the next cycle training session. It is better to increase the frequency, intensity and duration of cycle training session gradually. The bottom line - you should follow a tough cycle training program that pushes you to your limits and then take proper rest to let your body recover for the next cycle training session. Keep in mind, a tough cycling training session without a proper recovery leads to over training and this could have an extremely negative impact on your cycling performance.

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