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Florida Keys Fishing Reports: Knowing What You Can Reel In

Sport fishing has always been one of the main attractions in the Florida Keys. The waters of this archipelago are home to hundreds of species of fish and other marine creatures. This is why it is a great spot for anglers. As with any sport, though, there are things you need to know before trying out this water adventure.

Testing the Waters

In every sporting or recreational event, preparation is important. Check out the weather report before sailing out to see if there is any storm coming your way. Check Florida Keys fishing reports to find out what you can expect from the waters in and around Islamorada. It tells you what kind of fishes and sea creatures are in season, if it's mating period or migration season for the fishes. This lets you know beforehand if it would be better to spend your time touring the mainland instead of treading the waters.

Tackling the Fish

Sport fishing targets the big fishes in the sea. For this, you need to have the right equipment. Bring with you a heavy fishing line tackle, rod, and other gears. The fishing rod should handle the stress and pressure of reeling in heavy fishes. The reel has to be able to withstand the pressure and crank down hard when necessary. The fishing line also has to be strong enough to handle the weight of the fishes without breaking or snapping. Check that everything is brand-new or in good to avoid your line from breaking while reeling in a big catch.

Observing the Laws of the Seas

One of the more important requirements in sport fishing off the Florida Keys is having a freshwater or saltwater fishing license. These licenses differ for residents and non-residents. In some cases, there are special permits required depending on the type of fish you're after. Check with the local authorities for the requirements and application for the license.

Sign up for fishing charters if you don't want the trouble of applying for the permits. You will be exempt from having the license, as the captain of the boat will use their own. Knowing these regulations can help you stay out of trouble.

Reeling In the Right Kind

As there are hundreds of anglers on the waters out to hook the biggest catch, authorities have set rules on limitations and restrictions on what marine life you can go after. Check the fishing reports for the Florida Keys and find out what marine creatures are abundant and what are in short supplies. Although there are many fish in the sea, there's still the obligation to preserve and maintain a healthy population for the sea creatures.

Local legislations regulate what fishes you can catch, how to catch them, and when to catch them. The fishes you reel in should be the proper kind, size, and weight. If not, you need to throw them back to the waters. These rules constantly change to keep up with the proper balance of the marine ecology. This is why you need to be updated with these changes.

It is your duty as the angler to know and comply with these laws and other fishing requirements to be a law-abiding citizen and a great angler.

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