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Urban Fishing, Small streams

I know not another urban fishing blog, but lets face it most of us live in an urban environment.  When most people think of urban fishing its usually a city park pond or city reservoir.  If you look hard enough there are always other options. Many of the cities and towns here in Colorado have multiple small streams and creeks flowing into them or through them.  Because of their size they are often over looked and passed by.  This is a huge mistake.

Urban small streams fish a lot like their mountain brothers, in that the fish hold to the same cover and deep pockets.  However one advantage is they don?t spook as easy as the wild trout of the high country small streams because they have been conditioned to the traffic, dog walkers, kids playing in the creek, etc.  This allows you to position yourself in good casting lanes and a lot closer to your prey.

Just in Colorado Springs I can think five small creeks that have fish in them. I can also think of several creeks in the Denver area that have both warm and cold water species in them.  With the amazing weather we have been having these creeks are already open and are great places to get a couple hours of fishing in after work.  They still allow for the small stream challenges and the enjoyment of putting fish to hand. 

This past week I hit fountain creek starting at under the highway bridge I caught my first rainbow of the day.  Hiking upstream into town was able to catch a few more brown trout, stop in at a local tavern have a burger and a beer, then finish walking the stream to the other side of town while the wife stopped in to check out a few shops. 

Get out and enjoy them before runoff!

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