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Freshwater Lures that Catch Bass

There are mainly four lures that you can guarantee you'll catch fish on. I've mentioned them a lot in my past few blogs, but I wanted to do one just on them.

The main type of lure that I love to throw and I catch big bass on, all the time, is the Booyah Spinnerbait. You can also throw a well-known brand, Strike King, but I prefer the Booyahs. They have a nicer body that I think bass hone in on. I like to throw these, well, anywhere. I get most of the strike when I throw them near the shore and retrieve perpendicular to the shore. Other great spots to throw them would be into tall grass or lily pads where the bass hide during the day.


The next type of lure is an inline spinner. These lures stay near the surface and are great for retrieving on top of weeds and pebble grounds. They don't do much expect the movement of the blade and sometimes the hook and fur. They come in straight, so its great for accurate casts into openings of lily pads, again, where the bass love to hide during a hot summer day.


Third is the lipless crankbait. I love these lures because I can still get a "fish" shaped lure into the water without worrying that it'll dive too deep. (There are only a few places where you can fish deep diving crankbaits). I use Strike King Red Eyed Shads, Cotton Cordell Lipless Crankbaits and others like the Rattlin' Rapala. They're more of a deep water lure where the weeds aren't present as much, mainly because of their weight and two treble hooks.


Lastly, I like to use the rubber worm. These work anywhere. Mostly a Texas Rigged or Tex-posed Rig works the best. It doesn't need to be this brand of worm, bass and pickerel love rubber worms no matter the shape - as long as you keep it reasonable. Here on the island, an 8-inch worm is usually the max length for fish.

Also, Senkos wacky rigged and texas rigged work great too! Just take your time with these.


I hope you learned a lot from this blog! Send me your feedback or any questions you may have on my Facebook page, just search my name! Good luck out on your home lakes or my home lakes! Watch the video below and continue watching my videos for more help if you need it! Stay Reel!

Paulie Martin
Get Reel Bass Fishing
Freshwater Lures that Catch Bass

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