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Trekking Handlebars

A great add-on to bicycles are trekking handlebars. These handlebars allow the rider to rest his outstretched arms and maintain better posture while long distance riding.

Most mountain bikes and racer bikes that we ride today are meant for short distance travel. Conventional bicycles that we use today have a triangular frame with the total weight being distributed on 2 congruent wheels. With the development in aerodynamic sciences and manufacture of light weight metals and fibers, advanced bicycles that have made a foray into the market are dedicated to generate higher speeds.

Modern Bicycle Attachments

Modern bicycles have a structure and frame that is built in such a manner that the rider is able to perform better at delivering speed. Hence, most of the bicycle models compel the rider to lean. In cases where the bicycle is a racer bike, the rider needs to lean downwards and in cases where the bicycle is a mountain bike, the rider is compelled to lean forward. Such setting is comfortable for shorter distances that are traveled almost every day, without any genuine weight on the back. Such bikes are easy to maneuver and ride for short distances like your home to office, school or market.

However, if you are planning to go for a long ride that is going to last for a couple of days then these handlebars become a necessity. If you use normal handlebars, then your riding posture puts a lot of pressure on your spine and arms. Not to mention the wrist-ache that might occur. Apart from your own body weight, you will be bearing the weight of your back pack too. Muscle pain and backache are two things that you might suffer from.

Bicycle Trekking Handlebars

In case, you prefer to attach handlebars, then your journey is bound to be much more comfortable. Climbing and descending any terrain is much easier with the help of such handlebars. The erect posture is bound to keep you comfortable and free of any muscle pain. The bars will also help you to carry your backpack quite easily.

Handlebars from Nashbar are really good, the basic design of such bars is like a figure of 8. It enables the rider to ride in a perpendicular and erect posture and also enables the rider to lean a bit. The trekking handlebar tape also keeps the bar safe and provides sufficient friction to sweaty palms. If you are frequent trekker, then you must certainly get yourself a road bike with proper handlebars.

Such bikes provide the rider with a certain comfort and safety. It must also be noted that handlebars can be fitted onto almost all bikes.

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