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5 Things You Can Use for Grip on Your Electric Skateboard

Electric or motorized skateboards are highly popular among the teens worldwide. Every thousands of skateboards are sold to skateboarding enthusiasts from all around the world and these figures are increasing with each passing year. This sport requires a lot of skill, focus and strength. This sport isn't just about physical skills. It tests a person on the mental grounds too.

However, apart from the right technique, use of right equipment is also extremely important. One such equipment is the grip tape. While it helps significantly for keeping traction on the board, however, some people just don't go for them. For them, following are some alternatives which they can make use of.

1 Rubber grip tape – Such a kind of grip tape is easily available at suppliers of motorized skateboards. This tape is highly popular among the long-board riders who like to ride barefoot. A lot of skaters like to go for this tape as it has the same functionality with a less grainy and smooth feel.

2 Grit strip adhesive – Grit strip adhesives work similarly to a grip tape. The only major difference with them is that they are painted on-the board right away. It functions pretty well and skaters like it too. However, removing it from the board can get extremely tough and this makes it the least preferred option.

3 Silica sand and varnish – This is yet another popular method among skaters for promoting grip on the board. In this case, some quantity of silica sand is sprinkled on the electric skateboard on which a varnish is used. This method is totally customizable as one can apply it according to their requirements.

4 Pine tar – Pine tar is extremely cheap to buy and offers great amount of grip just like a traditional grip tape. The only major problem with this method is that things can get really messy while using it. Moreover, as pine tar attracts a lot of dirt therefore it gets dirty easily. Try to apply the tar at a clean deck for best results.

5 Tread Tex – Tread Tex is actually a textured paint which is used on construction elements like ladder rungs in order to prevent people from slipping. These can be bought at all sort of local hardware stores and are extremely easy to apply on blank decks, however, a clean board, is a basic pre-requisite for it.

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