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Diving: The Most Thrilling Underwater Experience

Diving is one of the favorite and popular sports. It is a sport where you have to perform acrobatics while jumping into the water. This is an internationally recognized sport and is a part of Olympic Games. Diving originated when people jumped into lakes, rivers and oceans to know more about the underworld water and to catch fish. There are many divers who are really passionate about this sport. All the divers need same characteristics of gymnasts and dancers. China is considered as the best diving nations.

Spring boards are usually used for diving. Competitive diving is divided into two one is spring board and the other one is platform. Usually it has 1 m and 3 m spring boards and a platform. The board is usually fixed by a hinge at one end and the other end hangs to the swimming pool. Divers can stand on the other end and jump into the water which has a spring. In the competitive diving divers are required to perform a number of dives like somersaults and twists in many directions are said by the judges. The judgment will be made by focusing on all aspects of diving. In 2000 synchronized diving was introduced in Sydney Olympic Games. Here there will be two divers who will do the diving simultaneously. There are three major factors for scoring. The judges look the approach, the flight and the entry.

There is Professional diving where the divers get money for their work. Commercial diving is a professional diving which is very popular. There are various branches of commercial diving like offshore diving, inland and onshore diving, hazmat diving, nuclear diving, scientific diving, media diving, military and media diving, and police diving. Offshore diving which is a branch of commercial diving where the divers works in oil and gas industry. While inland or onshore diving is the one were divers work for under water survey or engineering works. Hazmat diving is one of the most dangerous diving branch. Here the divers dive into raw sewage or dangerous chemicals like paper pulp, liquid cement or oil sludge. Sewer Divers may be affected by many diseases. Nuclear diving is the one which is involves exposure to radiations. Scientific diving is the one where scientists use latest techniques to know more about underwater. In Media diving divers usually takes photographs of underwater. Military diving is used for military purposes and Police diving used by the police to recover evidence. These divers unlike competitive divers need some training. There are some rules which all professional divers need to follow.

Every diver must use SCUBA equipment. The equipments are very essential for all divers. Diving equipments are used to make diving efficient and safer. There are many other types of equipment like Scuba life support, alterative life support, thermal, sting and abrasion protection, in water stabilization and movement, etc. Diving is considered as dangerous and due to this the facilities for diving are very less.

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