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balls motion

Hi, my question is What is the difference in the ball motion if the player at the stance position start wiht the middle and ring finger  between six and five o'clock then at the release point turn the hand and the finger finish at 3 o'clock, with the player which starts at the stance position with the fingers between 5, 4 o'clock and finish at 3 o'clock at the release point, both players keep the position of the hand during the bakcswing only turn the hand at the release point near the ankle, and keep firm the finger

Greetings Carlos from Venezuela, when it comes to ball motion you have two ways to think of it...Do you get something more? Do you get something less, in terms of ball reaction?
  In your particular question you go from a higher axis tilt, to a lower axis tilt. This particular adjustment affects three areas of reaction: skid, hook, and roll.
  If we only focus on the hand, immediately you notice that given the same amount of time for "the release" you will "slow" the revolutions just a bit.
In summary Carlos, if you place your fingers at a earlier time, your ball "should" skid less, hook sooner, flare less, and roll earlier.
  This is only one factor Carlos. The other factors of the release involve your axis rotation (front to back direction of the ball), Your ball swing plane, front to back(meaning, do you throw a figure 8 outside to inside release angle), or do you throw inside to an outside release angle.
  The most important aspect of your question that influences how your ball reacts on the lanes still is the ball itself.
  This is why I wrote my book True Bowler Adjustments. There is so much bowlers can learn. Especially about how to change different aspects of your approach, delivery, speed, your arsenal and watching your ball travel.
  Thanks for your question Carlos, May all your tenth frames be three in a row!!! -Coach

- Coach Gary Oatis
Las Vegas, NV.
www.TrueBowlerAdjustments.com (It's A Great Bowling Book!)

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