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looking to get better in the offseason, this is my last season before college ball

alright, so i was never really interested in football until a friend talked me into trying out the past season. needless to say it was a blast and im looking to improve for next season before i go to college. i've just turned 17, weigh 195, around 20% body fat, bench 200x 6 or 7, squat 235x8. 40yard dash in 4.8, 100y in 13. anywaysss, i want to get faster before September and get into a skilled position, tight end, back-up full backer, etc. im in the gym after school almost every day with about 8 guys form the team, just wondering what you would suggest for training.

well if your the right height to play tight end or full back, your going to want to gain more weight for starters. just gain muscle mass. Work on your strength mainly, although you must add in some cardiovascular activities inside your regimen. Work on the following:


these are the main muscles of the football player and these are the ones you should focus on, but dont forget! all muscles are important. dont abandon certain muscle groups for these ones. fit everything in.

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