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The O-line

dear coach,

i'm a quaterback for the mexico highschool bulldogs in mexico missouri. we have a big and very athletic team, we have awsome running back, the only problem is our O-line. they have trouble with there rules and arn't sure what to do when the defense sends backers on blitzes, so i'm always getting sacked. how can i help them out  

Dear Tracy,
you have to tell your running backs to delay release, check for a blitz, and then run their routes.

Also, have your guards do a double read. This is done by having the guards take a deeper drop than the center, during a pass play. The guards will drop 2 or 3 feet deeper than the center so they can see all pass rushers to the inside.
If only one person is coming, then one of the guards must pick him up.

The other guard must look to the outside to help the tackle with the outside rush. And or pick-up any outside blitzes.

By having the guards take a deeper drop, they will be able to help to the outside when needed.
I hope this helps a little. If not let me know.
Your friend, Coach Louis

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