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Slow Pitch Pitcher Re-Entry


The following scenario will help to answer my question.  I play in a co-ed league that allows several Designated Hitters in order to have everyone play.  This evening we had 13 people in the line up.  I was the starting pitcher, and my coach then came in to pitch the 2nd.  I returned for the 3rd and he for the 4th.  There was some questions on whether this was legal, however neither of us technically re-entered the game since we were always in the batting order but were only playing defensively every other inning.

Is what we were doing legal since we were both in the batting order from the beginning of the game or were we breaking the rules by each re-entering in the pitching position.


Hi Scott,

Obviously you have a local rule that needs to be addressed locally but if you STRETCH the ASA rule of using an EP where 11 bat and any 10 play defense, you have 13 batting (3 EPs) and any 10 play defense.  Using that thinking everyone is in the game and you have no subs to enter or re-enter.  A player could play defense every other inning for ie and that would be legal.

Plus under ASA a different rule allows any player to re-enter once, so IF you left the game and I doubt that, you can re-enter legally once, what is what you did.

I don't think there is much question here that what you did is legal but your LD needs to address if all extra players are EPs which I think makes the most sense.  Let everyone bat and play defense when they want to.


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