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Position Players/Line Up

QUESTION: Our league is a modified pitch men's league.  We just played a first round playoff game against a team that had 13 players.  The other team's catcher did not bat anywhere in the line up.  I've never played in a game where all position players were not in the line-up.  Is this legal?  We lost the game (not because of this), but I did protest the results and am suggesting we play again based upon an unfair advantage whereby not all position players hit in the line up.  It makes no sense to me.

Prior to the game, the opposing captain and commissioner had an e-mail exchange whereby the opposing captain asked if they can use and EH and DH.  I don't think the commissioner understood the difference, but if I was able to do the same, I would have done the same (where we would have 10 batters and our catcher wouldn't hit and the EH would have been a DH).

I have proposed that we replay the game.

I look forward to your reply.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

in 9 or 10 man modified you can play w/ a DP and a Flex, so 10, 11 w/ 9 or 10 batting.  So it looks ok to me.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks.  I looked at the ASA rules after the game.  But, it wasn't clear to me what the purpose of a DP and a Flex were.  Can you please elaborate?

Hi Michael,

This rule is not complicated but people like to make it so.  Just read each section, understand it, and that's what it is and move on to the next one. This answer which I wrote out earlier is for 9 batting 10 on the lineup. 10 man modified is the same but w/ 11 on the lineup.

Ok.....if you're going to use a DP and a FLEX you must make it known prior to starting the game...you cannot do it once the game begins

The DP can be any batting position 1-9 (for examples later this DP is going to be #1 batting 3rd) the DP bats (plays offense) for the FLEX player.

The FLEX who plays only defense MUST be listed 10th (11th in your case)(for examples later this will be player #2) the flex does not bat in this position, we only bat the 1st 9. in this instance.
The DP and any sub for the DP must stay in the BP's original batting position (in this case B3)  If you put in #4 for #1, #4 is now the DP

The FLEX any any sub for the flex stay in the 10th position.  If you put #5 in to play defense for #2, #5 is now the FLEX.

The FLEX may bat but ONLY in the DP's position (in this case B3)or may run ONLY for the DP. This is a substitution for #1 (the DP)and takes the game from 10 down to 9 players and #1 is considered to have left the game, they may re-enter once, but only at B3.

The DP may play defense for the FLEX. This also is a substitution (for #2 Flex)and takes the game from 10 down to 9 players and #2 is considered to have left the game.  They may of course re-enter once.

The DP and the FLEX can never be on offense at the same time.  This makes sense because the DP is batting for the FLEX, the FLEX may only bat in the DP's position (in this case B3)and the DP may only bat at B3

Those are the basics...here's some more complicated stuff....

If the DP (#1) is playing defense for the FLEX (#2)(your playing w/ 9) and you wish to re-enter the FLEX, the DP can leave the game and #2 bats at B3, still playing w/9.....

OR the DP may continue to bat at B3 and play offense only (now you're playing w/10) and #2 goes back to 10 and does not bat......

OR the DP may continue to bat at B3 and play defense for ANOTHER PLAYER(as explained below). In all the above cases this a re-entry for the FLEX #2 and should they leave the game again, #2 would be out of the game.

The DP may also play defense for any other player at any position. (Let's use #3,B8) #3 is not considered to have left the game and this is not considered a substitution. #3 continues to bat in the B8 position but not play defense.

In this case both the FLEX and the DP are playing defense at the same time and this is legal.  The DP continues to bat at B3, the FLEX is not batting.

You can go back and forth between 10 and 9 players the entire game.For example after 2 innings you have #2 bat for #1 at B3.  You now are playing with 9 and you play that way for 2 innings.  In the 5th you re-enter #1 to bat at B3 and #2 moves back to 10th, you are now playing 10 again.  This is not considered a substitution for #2 since they are the flex player returning to their position.  

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