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Playoff Brackets/Positions

We have 11 teams going into playoffs this year.  I know what the brackets should look like but am not sure how they determine who plays who.  Right now they have the top three teams getting a by-game.  Then they are telling me they go as follows...6 plays 11, 7 plays 10, 8 plays 9 and 4 plays 5.  This makes no sense to me but I do not want to argue if this is standard set-up for a tournament.  It seems to me it should be as follows...4 plays 11, 5 plays 10, 6 plays 9 and 7 plays 8.  What is the ASA or expert call on this subject?  Thank you!

Hello Kim

There's no silver bullet here. In the ASA Championship Tournaments I coached in the teams were placed in the bracket by a blind draw so team ranking wasn抰 a factor.
If we got a bye it was "the luck of the draw"

In some sanctioned tournaments the winning pool teams got the first round byes and the other teams were seeded accordingly.  

If you are seeding the teams by league standings then I agree with your logic.   

First round byes
Seed 1, 2, 3

First round games
Seed 7 vs. Seed 8
Seed 6 vs. Seed 9
Seed 4 vs. Seed 11
Seed 5 vs. Seed 10  

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