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Lower back pain

Hey John.
I have a question regarding back pain. When I play a round of 18, I get to hole 12 or 13 and my lower back starts to hurt, and my energy is not as high as say hole 2 or 3. Any suggestions?


Eric:   I find found that lower back pain, if developed after the round has begun, is usually caused by improper aim, poor balance or a bit of both.  Poor balance prevents you from an unrestricted pivot, turn and weight shift.  And because you are restricted, hitting the golf ball is done mostly with the arms and hands which puts a tremendous strain on the lower back as the majority of the force of impact is absorbed in that area.  To optimize balance you should assume an athletic posture by:
1.   Bending from the hips to the point your shoulders extend an inch or two past your toes;
2.   Flexing your knees just enough to unlock them;
3.   Playing the ball far enough away to allow your arms to hang loosely from the shoulders and
4.   Situating your weight on the balls of the feet.

Likewise, poor aim will also cause lower back pain.  I抦 going to assume you抮e right-handed and guess that you抮e aimed to the right.  Aiming right causes you to pull the club left to hit it towards the target.  If you were to turn your body to face the target in the forward swing, you would hit the ball right and you won抰 let yourself do that.  Check your aim by creating a line that runs through the middle of the ball towards your target.  Next, create another line along the toes of your shoes.  These two lines should run parallel with one another with your toe line pointing left of the target.

The best indicator you are in good balance is if, at the end of the swing, you are facing the target with the back foot on its toe with your feet in pretty much the same position as they started.  If you have trouble holding a balanced finish, you抣l find one or more of the above points needs adjusting.

Good luck Eric!

Fairways and Greens,


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