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shaft angle at address

I have noticed by looking at pictures of expert players ,that at address the left forearm is almost perfectly in line with the club shaft for short irons/wedges
, but as the clubs get longer there is more of a 'kink' between the two . I aso notice that at impact ,shaft and arm are dead strait for all clubs. My question is what is the technical reason for the kinked address position and why is it different according to the length of the club.

Hi Kneepoint,

Most good players' ball positions with their shorter irons are farther back than their longer irons. Many players like to have a consistent hand position relative to their left leg/knee. A similar hand position for a short iron and long iron means that with a longer iron, there is a bit of a 'kink', as you say.

At impact, the forces are so great that the left arm/club are stretched out to form a straight line.

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Best regards,
Ken Tannar

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