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Visit One Of The Worlds Most Remote Ski Resorts And Find Yourself Amongst Perfect Unmarked Powder At

Are you looking for a true winter holiday adventure?

An exploration into unknown territory alongside Everest, ancient snow covered mountain peaks and The Himalayas?

Ancient cultures. Exotic. Thrilling. Nerve tingling.

Strapped in. You are on top of the world!

Gulmarg Ski Resort. 4124 metres high at the peak. 1,350 metre drop at your feet. You and the elements. This is it. You’ve arrived. Check ahead. Take a deep breath and launch.

Are you up to it? Of course you are. It’s what you’ve been searching for all these years �
Just you and nature. The ultimate alpine challenge. The perfect snow on unmarked territory.

A day ago it was, �home’, another place, already a memory. Now, a winter wonderland.

India. Planning. Packing. You’ve made the journey. Looked down from the plane at endless snow capped peaks. Those Himalayas. Fear ? No, just the adventure you’ve earned.

The arrival. Crowded airport. Blown away by the heady aromas of spices and strange perfumes. The competing staccato chatter of a thousand voices. Self-contained you’ve felt the bustle. Smoothly through customs. Luggage and snow gear in tow. Seen the sparkling eyes, dark skins, flashing smiles, vibrant colours, and felt the welcome of India.

Glimpses of Delhi as you get to the station and your train. You’ve travelled up the winding valleys. Stared at the snow capped peaks. Tuned into the rhythm. Slept in your compartment. Dreamt of the perfect turn as you have again and again for months. Met companions. Made friends. Unpacked in your alpine hotel. Different than any place you’ve experienced. It is remote. It is unique.

But you’re comfortable, confident, strangely at home in your new, ancient world, because you are more than ready for the greatest riding of your life.

So with adrenalin pumping, heart pounding, the rush is on.

A ski resort like no other!

Up the mountain via the Gondola. 3980 metres above sea level. Walk another 30 minutes. You’ve reached it. Apharwat’s peak. 4124 metres. This is it!

At this altitude the powder is perfect. Fresh dry powder. This rivals some of the best Heli Skiing in the world.

Multiple ridges, faces and bowls to explore.

Faster than last time, in a spray of pure white magic, down and down, turn after turn. Fresh tracks, and you know it doesn’t get better than this.

This mountain is yours. Your ski holiday has come alive!

Full on, and you’re doing it. Grinning helplessly.

Living on the edge, and comfortable in your skin. Skiing India.


Don’t just think about it. Make it happen. Do it.

Visit www.freshpeaks.com for more information on ski holidays to India.


For further information, please contact:

Darcy Carter
Tel: +613 9917 2545
Fax: +613 415 8575
Email: [email protected]

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