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Powered Rope Ascender: 5 Best

2016/7/25 17:47:55

The 5 best powered rope ascenders are pieces of stunning, modern technology that allow people–and sometimes people in specialized professions such as soldiers–to rappel both up and down some pretty impossible vertical faces. So whether you are a soldier, a recreational climber, or just someone who gets his jollies from rappelling up and down at incredible speeds, you should check out the 5 best powered rope ascenders.

  1. Atlas Power Ascender. The Atlas Power Ascender is the top dog in this powered rope ascender list because it is a patriotic company, making products to support the U.S. Military and the U.S. government. The Atlas Power Ascender lets soldiers reverse rappel up not only buildings, but any vertical surfaces at speeds that are unheard of.
  2. PQ-500 Powered Rope Ascender. This powered rope ascender from European PowerQuick UK is the only commercially available such piece of technology the world over. With the capacity to lift 500 pounds and a 36V motor, this PQ-500 Powered Rope Ascender easily takes care of all your rappelling needs including rescue missions and building projects.
  3. ActSafe T1-16. From Swedish company ActSafe comes the powered rope ascender called the T1-16, a waterproof device which can support dives down into 34 feet of water. The next time you want a powered rope ascender that has a life of 1000 feet per charge, then make it ActSafe's ascender.
  4. JMV PowerQuick Powered Rope Ascender. India's JMV PowerQuick features a powered rope ascender that's good for all kinds of uses. Whether you want to inspect bridges or overpasses, wash windows, look to do some windmill repairs, or see to erecting some advertising billboards, this powered rope ascender gets the job done.
  5. RopeTek Wraptor. The RopeTek Wraptor is a powered rope ascender from entrepreneur Paul Cox who trained with arborists in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. His Wraptor allows tree climbers to get to the treetops with no effort at all. Mainly for people working the tree service industry, the Wraptor comes with 150 feet of rope, too.
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