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Aid Climbing – Rock Climbing with a Little Help

Aid Climbing — Aid climbing involves the upward progression by the use of gear or another mechanical means. This means the section of cliff you are climbing on

Bouldering – Shoes, Chalk and Rock

Bouldering — Bouldering can be done just about anywhere you climb. Most bouldering is done on big rocks that have fallen off of a cliff or were dumped by a

Rock Climbing Gear List

Gear List — This is a simple rock climbing gear list of essentials you will need to get started climbing. You will also want to add to this list from the B

Rock Climbing Ratings – from 5.0 to 5.15

Climbing Ratings — In the 1950’s a group called the Sierra Club modified an old system which they used to rate climbs according to their difficulty. This system

Buying Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock Climbing Shoes — Climbing shoes are the most important investment you can make as a climber. In order to reach your highest climbing potential, you need to

Indoor Rock Climbing – Meet the World of Plastic

Indoor Rock Climbing — Climbing indoors is just what it sounds like—you simply are climbing indoors instead of climbing outdoors. Simple-sounding, but the

Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing is by far the most popular form of rock climbing today. Sport climbing is rock climbing on select areas of a cliff face protected by bolts attach

New Rock Climbers Start Here – Part 2

Rock Climbing — The instructions outlined here are explained as if you were inside a climbing gym; although they could work equally well outside too. Upon

New Rock Climbers Start Here – Part I

Rock Climbing — So, you want to start climbing, but where do you begin? Climbing as we know it today has exploded in popularity over the last 40 years. Now

10 Rock Climbing Tips and Techniques

Rock Climbing Tips — Beginners and experts alike can use these tips to improve their climbing as well as impress the onlookers. If these tips don’t improve

5 Overlooked European Bouldering Spots

Tired of Ticino? Fed up with Font? We profile five European bouldering areas where you wont have to queue to try your project or struggle for space at the campg

7 Weird And Wonderful Rock Climbs

We love a perfect splitter or a bullet-hard crimp line just as much as the next person. However, what were always most exicted to see are the climbs that lie a

A First Ascent On The Balme Wall

In the Summer of 2014, Tommy Caldwell, Emily Harrington, Hazel Findlay and Alex Megos came to visit us at our home in the Chamonix valley. Over four days, they

How Climbing With Alex Megos Helped Tommy Caldwell On The Dawn Wall

When we brought together Tommy Caldwell, Hazel Findlay, Emily Harrington and Alex Megos for the Epic Climber project, we were really excited to see how four div

Everything You Need To Start Bouldering Outdoors

With summer just round the corner, this might be the best time to transfer your indoor bouldering skills to real rock. Pulling on colorful plastic is very diffe


Paolo Marazzi è un atleta ufficiale Arcteryx, La Sportiva, Black Diamond e Smith, sotto la mole di capelli e barba si nasconde uno dei migliori free-telemarker


Paolo Marazzi è un atleta ufficiale Arc'teryx, La Sportiva, Black Diamond e Smith, sotto la mole di capelli e barba si nasconde uno dei migliori free-telema

The Best New Climbing Shoes

The OutDoor trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany is where all of the most exciting new climbing gear gets announced and this years show was no different with

The Best New Climbing Ropes

Having scoured the conference floor at the OutDoor 2015 Trade Show it seems that there will be very few true innovations in the field of ropes for the 2015/16 s

The Best New Head Torches

Whether youre skiing, climbing, camping or just need one for everyday use, headtorches have become a vital tool for many people. As their popularity has grown s

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