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What is Needed in Cycle Gear

2016/7/25 14:50:47

When a person takes up bicycling as a sport, there is cycle gear that is needed to keep them comfortable and safe during the ride. There are many different companies that specialize in bicycle gear for riders, whether they are professional riders or amateurs. There is certain cycle gear that is used when riding on the road casually, for those who race in road races, and also those who ride in mountain bike races. There is specific gear for each of these types of riding styles so that the person can be adequately protected and comfortable during the ride.

Shorts and Shirts

Biking shorts are one of the most important features in cycle gear. Biking shorts can either make the ride much more comfortable or they can make it miserable for the rider. Biking shorts used to only be found in a tight, spandex material which is very revealing for men and women alike. These biking shorts have panels in them so that they fit the person's body very precisely, but also have padding so that the person's buttocks do not get as tired when riding. Some people would want to be more modest with these biking shorts and would put the tight shorts underneath a loose, normal pair of shorts. This causes problems, however, since the regular shorts will ride up and bunch up, pinching the rider and making him or her uncomfortable during the ride despite the padded shorts underneath. Biking companies have learned to deal with this problem by creating biking shorts that look like normal shorts but have a girdle in them, like a built in pair or underwear, that is padded like the traditional style of riding shorts.

There are also shirts in cycle gear that allow the rider to be comfortable and also streamlined while riding. These shirts are also very form fitting, being cut in sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved versions for all seasons of the year. The material is made to wick water away from the skin so that the person stays drier and either warmer or cooler, depending on the time of year the cycling gear is used. There are some women's versions that have a built in bra so that women do not have to wear a sports bra as well as this tight fitting biking shirt. In other versions of cycling gear, the biking shorts and shirts are molded together into a streamlined bodysuit that enables the rider to be the most streamlined for their ride.

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