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Know More About Ping G20 Irons

2016/7/20 10:16:42

The era of the irons came after the woods. The irons were shorter than woods with a flat angled faced and they were designed to for shot which is to be played for a short distance but from edgy places or in complicated situations. The irons come in various numbers with respect to their sizes. They were initially made up of iron due to which they were named as irons but later on they were made up of titanium, platinum and other iron alloys and soon their came a revolutionary change when they started to manufacture with carbon fiber. Now irons are mainly made up of carbon fiber but iron made irons never went out of fashion and are still available in market.

The latest iron introduced by Ping Corporation is Ping G20 Irons which is a clear symbol that even when the TaylorMade has introduced hybrids or the rescues which are a mixture of wood and iron, the irons are not going out of fashion. The TaylorMade itself launched their TayloMade R11S Driver. People will need a lot of time to adjust with hybrids and they are not yet ready to remove irons and woods from their golf bags. The shape of a hybrid is a combination of iron and wood but it requires a lot of skill to handle and until people are learning to handle it they can still enjoy some good old games with good old equipments.

Ping G20 Irons are launched with a bang. Their specifications and style is completely new and attractive features tempt the golf lovers to add them to their shopping carts at once. The Ping G20 irons are designed for distance control so that players can play ball with carefree style that their ball won鈥檛 go farther then they desire. They design assures that the ball will be shot with a trajectory which will land the ball and make it stay there. It won鈥檛 land before the place it is intended to and neither will it roll farther than its target.

Ping G20 Irons are cavity back irons. They have a cavity which manages the equilibrium and hits the ball for an ideal trajectory. The heel and toe are made up of elastomer and the badge is made up of aluminum. The whole structure stabilizes itself producing a solid feel and sound. To increase the temptation of its buyers a special concession has been recently announced on Ping G20 Irons. They are now available in $351.97 instead of $633.54. The Ping G20 Irons were not just manufactured in their attractive designs but also with a lot more options to choose so that your ping irons can look just like you want them to be.

There are options to choose your favorite steel shaft for ping irons which are聽 NS PRO950 steel shafts, Project X(5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5) steel shafts and Dynamic Gold 300 steel shafts plus these options are not just reserved to shafts only but the color of the dot or the cavity can also be selected as they are available in聽 white , black , red , orange , yellow , green , blue , purple , brown , maroon , gold , silver , etc. All these choices are made by the customer while ordering Ping G20 Irons. They come in sizes from 3- to 9- along with four wedges including sand wedge and tour W- wedge. Thus ping irons are a new announcement to the golf world that irons are going nowhere out of fashion even in the next era.

For even more information on聽Ping G20 Irons聽and聽TayloMade R11S Driver聽visit聽us.

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