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How To Play Golf - The Importance Of The Pre-Shot Routineg

The Importance of the Pre-Shot Routine This article discusses the importance of the pre-shot routine. Data recorded and analyzed from the 2009 Tour Championshi

Learn To Play Golf - Thou Shall Not Peak

The Importance Of Staying Steady While Putting Remaining steady during the putting stroke is one of the most crucial aspects to successful putting. During the

Golf Chipping Tips To Improve Your Short Game

Hitting long drives is fantastic but if your short game is not up to scratch you will use up a heap more strokes and before long loose the advantage of your awe

Tips To Help You Reduce Your Golfing Handicap

Golf is one of the best games to learn and play and teaches so many great things especially to young players that will help them become better people such as pa

Golf Party Ideas Fore A Fun Time - Tips And Hints To Help You Create A Great Par-Tee!

Golf party ideas to help turn your picnic, birthday party, or your just because get together into a golf-lovers delight. If you and your friends love playing go

5 Golf Driving Tips For Beginners - Fix A Slice

The common problem that golfers of all levels deal is slicing the ball off the tee. Without a doubt this hitting a slice costs golfers more strokes than any par

Golf Vacations - Travel Tips, Locations & Packages

Planning for golf vacations is a serious matter. There are many factors to consider, in addition to the usual travel research and planning required for an ordin

Tips To Reduce Your Golf Handicap Rapidly

There are many great things about the game of golf that make it worth playing on a regular. It is a game that can challenge you to get better whether you are pl

Golf Driving Tips To Get You Right On Target

There is no better way to begin a hole than to have a fantastic drive that lands just where you had visualized it. Accurate and with great distance. Its a pity

Useful Golf Putting Tips For Lower Scoring

One of the biggest aspects of golf is putting and it can make a significant impact on your scoring if you learn to putt well. Almost anyone can learn to putt we

Golf Downswing Tips To Achieve A Better Golf Swing

The golf downswing is a complex and important movement to become skilled at. Here are various golf downswing tips to help you perfect the downswing and play bet

Tips To Helping You Hit The Golf Ball Further

The game of golf can seem daunting at times however do not get intimidated as there are simple things that you need to keep in mind and practice if you want to

3 Sure Fire Ways To Put A Stop To Your Golf Slicing

Before I start to talk about the ways you can fix your golf slice, its important that I make sure you know the reasons why youre slicing the golf ball. Once you

How To Play Bunker Shots

Every now and then all golfers are faced with working out how to play bunker shots as regrettably we all finish up in a bunker sooner or later. Its important no

Golf Tips For Better Driving

Do you have drive shots that are consistent and stay in play? If you have problems in this area use these golf tips for better driving which will help you to ge

Golf Practice Drills To Cure That Slice

The golf slice is one of the most common golf swing faults.  For right handed golfers, the golf slice is a golf shot that starts left of the target and fin

Good Golf Club

For players to do well in golf, they must possess the right set of golf club. Whether you are a beginner or a certified golf player, it is important that you ha

Golf Tips For A Reduced Handicap

The game of golf has a lot of benefits to offer to everyone and the great thing about it is that almost anyone can do well at the sport regardless of age or gen

How To Reduce Your Handicap Quickly And More Easily

Golf is a lot of fun to learn and play and offers many benefits that we can all appreciate. It is most enjoyable when you are shooting lower scores and getting

Lower Your Handicap With Golf Short Game Practice

If you are looking for the best way to lower your handicap in a hurry, golf short game practice is the best option available to drop unwanted strokes off your s

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