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Tips To Reduce Your Golf Handicap Rapidly

There are many great things about the game of golf that make it worth playing on a regular. It is a game that can challenge you to get better whether you are playing with others or by yourself. In order to get better and shoot lower scores you will need to improve ball striking and also your short game skills. Remember that in most typical rounds you will hit more than 60% of your shots from inside 150 yards. Thus it becomes important to pay attention to the short game if you want to get better.

Short game tips:

The short game is comprised of putting, chipping, bunker play and wedge shots. Most amateurs spend maybe 20 percent of their practice time on these aspects of the game and 80% on the driver. You need to make sure that if your practice session is one hour long then spend at least 30 minutes on wedge play, bunker shots, putting and chipping. This will help you get a better long game too since you will have more confidence with the driver in hand as you know that even if you occasionally miss a fairway you have a good enough short game to be able to recover most of the time and still shoot a good score on the hole.

In order to become a great putter you need to master a particular mechanical approach combined with the right mindset in order to reach your potential in putting. One tip to help you is to remember that the ball you use makes a difference as different balls even from the same company can have very different feel, spin rates and distances for the same stroke or swing. So it is important to pick a particular make and model of a ball and stick with that, also be sure to practice with those same balls too so that you develop the right touch.

Swing tips:

The golf swing can seem complex however it is important to keep it simple depending on your physical ability. Do not try to emulate PGA pros or Tiger Woods if you do not have the same level of athletic ability. Develop a swing that is within your physical limits but will allow you to hit the ball far enough and straight enough to shoot good scores and have fun on the course. Most golfers have the physical ability to hit the ball 200 to 250 yards with their driver and on most public courses this is enough to be able to shoot in the 80's and even occasionally in the 70's if you are a having a really good day.

The first step to learning the swing is to develop the right grip. For most people, using the interlocking grip may be the best option as it tends to work best in the game of golf. This grip type involves locking the small finger of the right hand with the index finger of the left hand - this is for right handed players. One key tip regarding the swing to keep in mind is to keep the head in the same position throughout and let it come up with the right shoulder as the momentum of the swing causes you to get up and look towards the target.

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